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“There is no enjoyment like reading books!” – Maxat the Magician

Maxat the Magician is the star of this exciting series of fifteen fantasy books for children by an aspiring British author Aijan. Packed with adventures and fun they make a continuous story about a boy magician who lives on an exotic island of Jardi-Su with its breath-taking nature.The renowned young magician’s dazzling Magic Blue Castle is a pride inherited from his ancestors, as well as the gift of magic. With his relentless learning and practising, seeking new knowledge and exploring the world, Maxat uses his gifts for the good and welfare of those he holds dear.

Here there are Printed books, EBooks, Video and Audiobooks to choose from, written in 3 languages: English, Spanish and Russian.

Let your imagination run wild as you follow the unexpected twists and turns of Maxat’s escapades. His amazing friends from all four corners of the globe help him to overcome dangerous challenges, using courage, skill and, of course, – Magic! Will he be encountering a wicked witch, travelling through time, or being upside down in the Land of Reverse? Explore and discover Maxat’s world through this fresh form of entertainment and learning. The vivid colour illustrations, narration, sound effects and music are guaranteed to immerse your imagination far beyond the world around you.

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All that’s left to say is: Casta-Ma-Dinamas!

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