Aijan is an aspiring British author. Her Kyrgyz origins as well as her young son became an inspiration for writing a series of children’s books about a boy magician. The breathtaking landscapes of The Kyrgyz Republic, sometimes referred to as “an Asian Switzerland”, and the elements of its rich folklore mixed with fantasy are well reflected in the Maxat the Magician stories.

Aijan remembers herself as a seven year old girl when she first picked up a pen and paper and started writing stories. Amazingly enough, she didn’t speak much, if at all, until she turned three. In a manner of a joke her aunt commented on this: “She must have been thinking a lot and observing!”

The child’s stories developed into distinguished creative writing at school and were noticed by a literature teacher.

Aijan’s writing during her teenage and university years was about events of the everyday lives of herself, her family, philosophy and psychology, as well as allegories involving birds and animals as characters. The stories were rather humorous and made the readers laugh until their stomachs ached!

Under the guidance of an ethical way of living, Aijan has written the Maxat series. Beautifully illustrated throughout, the books are bound to entertain the children of all ages. What better way of educating youngsters than through exciting magical adventures!